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iassureit - Who Are We?

Who Are We?

iAssure International Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Pune, India based IT Services & Product Development company. We are working since 2011, but formed a registered company in 2015. Over last 5 years, company has executed several IT projects in the field of Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Corporate Intranet Portals, Websites, Business Process Management, Document Management System & Business Intelligence. However, company has adopted a single point focus strategy in 2015 and since then focusing only on Apps development - be it Web App or a Mobile App. 

Company is founded by Mr. Ashish Naik - IIT Delhi graduate (M.Tech - 1999). He is the main Solution Architect and manages company's technical strategic direction. Prior to starting his IT company in 2011, he worked for almost 12 years in IBM and 3 years in Syntel Inc. He worked for almost 10 Fortune 500 clients through these companies and adopted the CMM Level 5 processes into his own company. He holds the vision of making iAssure as one of the finest IT company with indepth expertise in Web + Mobile Apps development. 

Years of experience and expertise in defining and leading change of our founding leader, have led to iAssure's services and solutions offering. We help you to define and deliver on the Digital promise by: 

Define Goals

Helping kick-start your Digital Business goals and objectives through transformation.


 Define and develop a Digital Business roadmap to navigate the transformation.


Help build a Digitally savvy culture within your organization.


 And, sustain and help grow your Digital Business.


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iassureit - Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

iAssure is small, yet powerful & technically strong IT company. We are focused and nimble in our actions. While equipped with CMM level processes & rich 18 years of IT experience to work with Fortune-500 clients, iAssure provides you the most cost effective, most modern & blazing fast IT solutions. That is unique when you compare in terms of ROI & that makes us standing apart. 

We take pride in our capability to understand your need, deliver solution that is aligned to business and RoI based approach to delivery of solutions. Our unique selling proposition (USP) is our unique blend of cost effective software solutions having blazingly fast performance.

Years of experience delivering solutions to clients across USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.
Our domain expertise comes from the knowledge of functioning of business across industries.
Our talent pool is a knowledge pool of next-generation technologies to drive Digital Business Transformation.
Our understanding of your business helps us integrate solutions better to suit your business needs.
We are designed to deliver highly reliable solutions, and our quality framework helps mitigate risk of failure.

About Us Dark


From large Enterprise Applications to small websites & mobile applications, iAssure has garnered their talent & skills to build a Digital Enterprise Transformation workforce. We build industry's powerful Websites, Portals, Mobility Solutions & Web-Apps that let you define, design, build, integrate, deploy, and manage your enterprise resources to the best of your imaginations.


iAssure Advantage

iAssure's foundation is built on a rich and wide industry experience, ready to take complex technology challenges. We believe that the enthusiasm of our talent pool is our primary advantage. iAssure keeps on experimenting with emerging technologies and business oriented software architecture models. Our innovation initiatives meet our clients’ expectations and bring them the best technology and business expertise in today's digital world. Associating with iAssure, means you are at advantage & you have an assurance!

We help organization enhance business efficiency and workforce productivity by developing applications that run on multiple devices, across multiple platforms and frameworks.
Our application development framework imbibes secure integration of various elements within an organizations business process and on real time.
We build flexibility into systems so as to deploy on multiple environments and cloud models to help organizations to quickly change as per market needs.
Our development framework emphasizes on increasing user experience so as to help organizations to substantially improve workforce productivity and business effectiveness. 
Our developers help organizations get client services into market faster, at lower costs and more efficiently further enhancing their journey through transformation.
iassureit - iAssure Advantage

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